Monday, April 19, 2010

A mystery wrapped in an enigma and crap

They (aka "Invasion from Inner Earth" and "Hell Fire") (1974)
Starring: Paul Bentzen, Debbie Pick, Nick Holt, Karl Wallace, and Robert Arkens
Director: Bill Rebane
Rating: Two of Ten Stars

Four men and one woman are in a remote wilderness when they hear reports of some strange calamity that has gripped the rest of the world. While trying to contain their own panic, they attempt to reestablish contact with the outside, but all they can raise on their shortwave radio is a strange, haunting voice.

"They" is a movie that starts with a mystery and ends with a mystery. It never bothers to explain what's going on, although clearly SOMETHING is, because the filmmakers here don't understand the concept of P.O.V. and voice and they keep cutting away to show what's happening in nearby towns. Are aliens fumigating Earth in preparation for a takeover? Are people being "vanished" into the Inner Earth? Is this movie only watchable if you're really, REALLY stoned? None of these questions are answered.

Although it did keep my interest to the point where I kept watching, the film doesn't have a single good actor in it, the dialogue is lame, the music soundtrack atrociously inconsistent and inappropriate for many scenes, the special effects terrible, and the whole film ultimately pointless.

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  1. Oh... the idea sounds fascinating. I must see this film. not that i doubt your review in the least. The name of Bill Rebane ought to be warning enough of terminal badness. But, still, I like the idea...
    I prefer to remain anomalous...