Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Consign this one to the graveyard of forgotten films

Graveyard of Horror (aka "Necrophagus" and "The Butcher of Binbrook") (1971)
Starring: Bill Curran, John Clark, Titania Clement, and Beatriz Lacy
Director: Miguel Madrid (or Michael Skaife, depending on the info source)
Rating: One of Ten Stars

When Michael (Curran) sets out to uncover the mystery surrounding the death of his wife, he comes into conflict with her evil, crazy sisters, a bizarre grave-robbing cult, and the lizard-monster they serve. Then, random stuff happens, random flashback scenes occur, and the movie makes less and sense as it progresses toward its lame ending.

The DVD back-cover copy (which shows that even the marketeers couldn't stand this piece of trash, as it has virtually nothing to do with the "story" of the film) starts "A little-seen and bizarre movie..." Well, some movies are little seen because they aren't worth seeing, and "Graveyard of Horror" is one of those.

I suspect there's a plot somewhere in this film, but I sure as hell couldn't find it. Leave this awful film (with its bad dubbing, awful editing, bad camera work and laughable lizard-man monster costume) in the graveyard of forgotten movies.

(Note: The film is getting a very generous One Star, because it DID keep me watching to the end. I watched with morbid curiosity to see if it could get any worse. In that, "Graveyard of Horror" didn't dissapoint: It's one steady downward slide into crapitude.)

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