Tuesday, December 1, 2009

'See No Evil' is a film you should avoid as if it was evil

See No Evil (2006)

Starring: Glen "Kane" Jacobs, Samantha Noble, Christina Vidal, Luke Pegler, and Steven Vidler
Director: Gregory Dark
Rating: Two of Ten Stars

Eight convicted juvenile offenders trade a weekend of cleaning up at a historical landmark for a month off their sentence. Unfortunately, an insane killer with a love for plucking his victims' eyes out (Jacobs) his hiding inside the landmark, and he starts killing them, one by one.

While watching "See No Evil", I alternated between rolling my eyes at the utter stupidity of it all, and cringing at the gory violence--and, yes, even looking away at times. I think the creators of this film were so enamoured with the idea of grossing out the audience that they didn't bother hiring decent actors, nor even bother commisioning a decent script.

The girls in the film seem to have been hired first and foremost for their abilities to scream, while the guys were hired for... hmmm... I'm not sure what talents they may have been hired for. It cetainly wasn't their good looks or their acting abilities.

As for the script, it's little more than a string of slasher-movie cliches that are used to loosely tie together the violent set-piece death scenes--only one of which is truly surprising and shocking. They're all gory and brutal, but only one will take the most naive viewers by surprise. In fact, the only thing the filmmakers seemed to be focused on was sadistic violence. The plotlessness of the script is probably why it's virtually devoid of suspense; with no story surrounding the characters, we never come to care about them, so there's no excitement or thrill experienced as the film unfolds.

Unless you demand nothing more from your films than gory death scenes, "See No Evil" is not worth seeing.

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