Sunday, March 14, 2010

'Sick Bastard' needed to get better

Sick Bastard (2007)
Starring: Ken Dirke and Jason Impey
Director: Jason Impey
Rating: Two of Ten Stars

A homicidal maniac (Dirke) escapes from a mental hospital. Being that he's the sick bastard of the title, he goes on a murderous rampage while a police detective (Impey) is hot on his trail and trying to stop him.

When I noticed a misspelled word/typo in this film's opening crawl, I knew I wasn't in for anything particularly professional--the murderer was "found wondering in the woods" the crawl declared, even as the voice-over stated that he was "wandering in the woods." But, being that I try to give every film that crosses my transom a fair shake, I watched "Sick Bastard" anyway. Plus, one typo does not mean a movie can't be god.

In this case, though, my optimism wasn't warranted. This is an amateurish film from beginning to end, and it's not even all that good. It's got every single hallmark of a modern-day bad low budget film except bad sound recording. While my hat's off to writer/producer/director/editor Jason Impey and his school mates and relatives for actually finishing a film production and getting it picked up for distribution, there is really nothing good I can say about their film.

Maybe Impey will continue to hone his craft as a filmmaker, and his next effort will be better. (He's only 27, according to his biography.)

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