Thursday, December 31, 2009

'Blood Tide' is a washout

Blood Tide (1982)
Starring: Martin Kove, Mary Louise Weller, James Earl Jones, Jose Ferrer, Lydia Cornell, and Lila Kedrova
Director: Richard Jeffries
Rating: Two of Ten Stars

American newly-weds (Kove and Weller) looking for a lost relative find themselves trapped on an island where a treasure hunter (Jones) has released an ancient monster that is demanding virgin sacrifices.

I think I know how "Blood Tide" was sold to its backers. The high concept pitch probably went something like this: "It's modern-day, but one of those monsters that the heroes were fighting all those Italian sword-and-sandal films has awakened and its once again demanding virgin blood. The main characters will have to become like Hercules and defeat this ancient menace or end up as sacrifices themselves."

If I were looking to make a cheap horror movie using a Greek island as the backdrop, I would have invested in that movie. Heck, I'd love to SEE that movie, so it's too bad that "Blood Tide" could have been the movie described above, but isn't.

"Blood Tide" has slivers of the modern-day monster/fantasy movie described above, but it barely teases the viewers with its potential. It's a suspense film without any suspense; it is one of the most boring movies I've ever dozed off during. It is a monser movie without a monster; it's presence is barely felt, and the human monster that SHOULD be in the film--the guy who because of his greed is letting the horror happen--is ultimately too wishy-washy a character to inspire anything but a yawn from viewers. It's a film that's shot adequately and that features a decent cast that all do admirably in their parts, but they are working with a script so bad there was nothing they could do to save this movie.

There is really no reason for anyone to waste their time on "Blood Tide" unless it's being used as a cure for insomnia.


  1. You could see "that" movie, Steve! Just check out HERCULES VS. THE SEA MONSTER (1965), the aborted pilot for the proposed Hercules TV show starring Gordon Scott. You may have already seen it. The effects are quite good in it, actually.

    I remember seeing this one in the video store in one of those big, glossy boxes from Continental.

  2. You are correct, sir. I have seen it, and I'll get around to writing it up, eventually. (Although I may have to watch it again it's been so long.)

    But it won't be here, because it's too good to be reviewed here. :)

  3. TNT used to show a really beautiful quality print of that back in the day. I've seen one, or two of the bootleg versions on PD labels and the quality isn't so good.